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                                   "The Guide:

                 To Social Security Programs and Work Incentives"


         "Managing Your SSDI Benefit and Income Handbook"


             "Managing Your SSI Payments and Income Handbook"


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The Guide:  
To Social Security Programs
And Work Incentives

2016 Version, 24th Edition
By Michael Walling, M.Ed.  


      Originally produced in 1993 and updated each year, The Guide, 24th Edition, explains SSA rules and regulations.


      The Guide addresses the commonly held fears people have of "losing" their benefits if they pursue employment.  It carefully explains how myths and uncertainties can be replaced with facts and knowledge to empower people to make informed choices and to be employed.  The author incorporates his experience, from 24 years of nation-wide training on Social Security programs and his interactions with people receiving benefits from the Social Security Administration and professionals supporting beneficiaries to explain how income affects a person entitlement to SSDI benefits and/or eligibility for SSI payments. 


     There is nothing like it!  The Guide is written from the viewpoint of supporting a person receiving benefits. It extracts every legal and ethical incentive available and puts them to work - for the person!   This publication has previously assisted many people to avoid or to correct overpayments!  It has empowered people to be more self-sufficient!



The Guide:  Topics Presented In Depth

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  Title II: Social Security Disability Insurance

  • SSDI Benefit Process

  • Trial Work Period

  • Extended Period of Eligibility

  • Subsidies

  • Impairment-Related Work Expenses

  • Expedited Reinstatement of Benefits


  Title XVI: Supplemental Security Income

  • SSI Benefit Process

  • Benefit Calculation

  • Section 1619(a), Section 1619(b), and Medicaid

  • Student Earned Income Exclusion

  • Impairment-Related Work Expenses

  • Plan for Achieving Self-Support (PASS)

  • Expedited Reinstatement of Benefits


  And more Ö


  The Guide contains . . .

Numerous Examples of the Application of Work Incentives,

The 2016 version contains 58 examples (more then ever before) to help understand the application of specific points and work incentives.


 User Reports . . . Agencies and individuals using the earlier editions of The Guide say

 they use it daily to unscramble the maze of rules and regulations.  They know:

  • How and when to apply all work incentives;

  • How to counsel individuals and families with confidence, and

  • How to determine a personís continuing entitlement/eligibility for both cash benefits and medical benefits.



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Managing Your SSDI Benefit and Income Handbook

21st Edition




Managing Your SSI Payments and Income Handbook

21st Edition



 Two tools to solve the most pressing problem encountered by an individual with disability  when s/he has earned income.


Each handbook explains, in simple terms, how an individual can report income, track changes in benefits, and determine what benefit amount s/he is entitled or eligible to receive. The simple recording techniques enable most beneficiaries to independently, or with minimal support, manage benefits. The recording techniques, properly maintained, enables the person to know where s/he stands in the benefit program and avoiding future overpayment situations.


The techniques found in the handbooks can assist staff charged with representative payee responsibilities to report income correctly (representative payee organizations can be responsible for overpayments ).


The handbooks will solve the most important issue related to benefits eligibility and employment. "How do I report income, and what amount of cash benefit am I entitled or eligible to receive or keep?"


   Managing Your SSDI Benefit and Income Handbook

  • Step-by-step instructions to report and record income.

  • Which months count as Trial Work Months?

  • When am I entitled to a cash benefits after the Trial Work Period?

  • Formatted letters to report income to Social Security.

  • Forms to summarize income and benefit payments.

   Managing Your SSI Payments and Income Handbook

  • Step-by-step instructions to report and record income.

  • When do I apply for Section 1619(b) status and protect Medicaid?

  • How much can I earn before the SSI payment stops?

  • Formatted letters to report income to Social Security.

  • Forms to summarize income and SSI payments.

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