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The services I offer focus on assisting a Social Security beneficiary or a SSI recipient, and family members in understanding the impact employment has on the beneficiaryís current and future entitlement to Social Security benefits, and/or eligibility for SSI. 


These services are based on my experience over the previous 25 years in matters involving Social Security benefit programs for individuals with disability or blindness. I have conducted over 2,600 workshops, over the past 23 years, to teach people how Social Security programs operate and how income affects the personís benefits. Over that same period of time, I have assisted people, almost on a daily basis, to resolve problems they encounter with Social Security.


Today, due to pressures federal agencies, state agencies, and advocacy groups are placing on local service delivery systems, the human service delivery system is focused on assisting individuals with disability to go to work or to become self-employed. Very few people directly providing service coordination or employment support services understand Social Securityís benefit programs and how employment affects the continuation or changes of a personís benefit.  Many agencies only focus on the personís continuing eligibility for Medicaid, from which these agencies derive funding to provide services to the person.


Very few services providers (who are not the representative payee) offer monthly support to enable an individual to navigate the complexity of Social Securityís programs and the associated medical benefits. There are three principle objectives in providing these services. The first objective is to monitor and assist a person to avoid substantial benefit overpayments. The second objective is to develop, over time, a personís skills in managing their income and their benefits for greater financial independence.  The final objective is to enable the beneficiary to make better choices.


Benefit Assessment

Before anyone seeks employment, an assessment must be done to enable the person and his/her support network to make informed choices. A benefit assessment involves a thorough review of the personís past benefit history to determine if their current benefit profile is correct. Based on the personís goals, the assessment then develops a forecast of the future and provides the person with appropriate options to chose which is best to meet their immediate and long-range personal goals. The vast majority of current beneficiaries do not want to compromise the benefits they currently receive, particularly medical benefits, until they have experienced long-term employment success. The benefit assessment addresses the personís specific concerns.


A benefit assessment is a start point, a complete review of the past, a summary of the present, and the options available to the beneficiary in the future, based on the personís goals.


A benefit assessment is not a one time event. The assessment should be periodically updated as circumstances in the personís life change.


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Benefit Management and Support

One thing is a constant in the human service delivery system, staff constantly change. The potential to encounter benefit problems, particularly overpayments, increases the longer a beneficiary is employed and does not have the continuity of personal support.


Benefit Management and Support provides six critical supports:


1) An evaluation of the impact wage and other income have on benefits. A report is

                provided to the customer  (monthly);

2) Assistance in properly reporting income to Social Security, by providing draft letters (monthly);

3) Assistance in documenting appropriate income exclusions to reduce how much

                income Social Security counts and the monitoring of the income exclusions (monthly);

4) A review and explanation of all correspondence received from Social Security, and

                recommendations of appropriate actions to take (as needed);

5) Periodic recommendations offered for consideration as the situation warrants (as needed); and

6) Recommendations on the completion of reports sent by Social Security,  when

               requested (as requested).


My goal in providing this service is to teach you, over time, how to manage a Social Security benefit and then you determine when my support is no longer required (periodic "tune-ups" will probably be required).


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Assistance in Benefit Overpayments  

Virtually, every week I receive requests for assistance in resolving an overpayment found by Social Security. Each situation is different. Some overpayments can not be favorably resolved, but many can. Frequently, the overpayment occurred because the beneficiary did not understand what needed to be reported to Social Security or Social Security made decisions based on incomplete information available to them.


When appropriate, I will provide the beneficiary with support to reduce or eliminate an overpayment. I will not provide support when evidence suggests the finding of overpayment is correct.


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Please note:

1. These services do not assist a person in applying for a Social Security benefit program.

2. Consulting and advice regarding Social Security benefits programs are available to individuals and their families directly from Social Security Administration and some state agencies provide the service, free of charge. My services are offered, on a fee basis, as an alternative service to assist you in routine coordination and management of benefits based on your income.

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