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      #16401  The Guide: To Social Security Programs and Work Incentives            $52.00                   

      #16402   SPECIAL - Two copies of The Guide                                                $94.00                      

      #16403   Managing Your SSDI Benefit and Income Handbook                     $11.00               

      #16404   Managing Your SSI Payments and Income Handbook                   $12.00                

      #16405   Four Handbooks, two #16403 and two #16404                                   $38.00

     #16406   SPECIAL - 4 copies each #16401, 16403 & 16404                        $ 240.00                          


 * There is a $5.00 Shipping and Handling Charge for entire order (regardless of the order size).


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Mail Order To:    Benefits Training and Consulting

                           P.O. Box 1483, Chadds Ford, PA  19317

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Make check payable to Benefits Training and Consulting


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