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1. "Benefits and Employment" Webinar.  

                       Contains five Sessions          

 Th,e fjive sessions contain the same material I present in live

  wo,rjkshops.  The sessions explain how the benefit programs

  are jorganized and how income affects SSDI, CDB, SSI and the

  related medical benefits.

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2"Social Security Benefit Programs for Students

                         Under 22" Webinar

                           Contains four Sessions  

This webinar addresses the most common questions, concerns, and issues parents face as they struggle to understand Social Security programs.  The webinar also provides the core information needed by education and human service professionals, involved in providing transition services, to support students and their families. 

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 3.  "Benefits and Employment in 2019" Workshops


                       September   9, 2019     Streetsboro, OH

                       September 10, 2019     Medina, OH

                       September 11, 2019     Bowling Green, OH


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                                                                                                                                Yosemite Falls, Yosemite National Park, CA


    Michael Walling M.Ed., is the owner of Benefits Training and Consulting.

    He provides workshops, internet-based training, and technical assistance

    throughout the United States.


    The focus of his work is the dissemination of information and the provision of

    technical assistance on public benefit programs received by individuals with



    He is committed to the belief people will work and pursue greater self-sufficiency

    when they understand how income affects their benefit programs.  Informed

    choice is one of the first steps to improving self-sufficiency and personal



   Michael is nationally known for his knowledge of the Social Security

   benefit programs and the associated medical benefits.  He is highly regarded for his

   teaching skills in presenting this information, and relating the material to employment

   for persons with disability.


   He has conducted over 2,700 workshops throughout the United States since 1993 on

   Social Security programs, Medicaid, and Medicare related to persons with disability

   and employment. 


   During his career, he has been a special education teacher, special education administrator,

   director of a state licensed post-secondary vocational program for individuals with disability,

   director of supported employment services, and director of special employment projects.




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