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               New Items of Importance 


 1. "Benefits and Employment in 2022" Webinars.  


 The three webinars contain the same material I have presented in live

  workshops over the past 29 years.  The sessions explain how the benefit programs

  are organized and how income affects Title II disability programs (SSDI and CDB),

  SSI, and the related medical benefits.


  Webinar 101 The Basics of the Social Security Programs

  Webinar 102 How Wage Affects Title II Benefits (SSDI, CDB, DWB) and Medicare

  Webinar 103 How Income Affects SSI and Medicaid


  The webinars are recorded and available for viewing at any time.  I encourage viewers to send me questions regarding the content of each webinar.


               [Click here for more information and registration]


 2.  Webinars Under Development


 I am currently updating a series of webinars focusing on school-to-work transition.  The webinars explain the Title II benefits and SSI benefits available to child and young adults under 22.  The webinars address the key questions routinely asked by parents and educators.  These webinars will be available by late May.


 3.  Live webinars.


    A number of my customers have asked about the availability of live webinars to allow their staff to ask questions during the presentation. I am now exploring the most feasible way of doing this and the most appropriate application to use.  A key issue how to manage audience attention to the webinar content and questions that aren't directly relevant to the content.  This has been a historical issue in live presentations, many previous attendees have remarked that questions posed by the audience distract their focus on the content.


    I would appreciate your suggestions of topics for future webinars.


 4.  Live workshops.

    At the present time, I have no plans to conduct live workshops. That ship has sailed, given my age and continuing variations of the Covid virus.



                                                                                                                                Yosemite Falls, Yosemite National Park, CA


    Michael Walling, is the owner of Benefits Training and Consulting.

    He provides workshops, internet-based training, and technical assistance

    throughout the United States.


    The focus of his work is the dissemination of information and the provision of

    technical assistance on public benefit programs received by individuals with



    He is committed to the belief people will work and pursue greater self-sufficiency

    when they understand how income affects their benefit programs.  Informed

    choice is one of the first steps to improving self-sufficiency and personal



                            Michael Walling, M.Ed., is nationally known for his knowledge of the Social Security

                            benefit programs and the associated medical benefits.  He is highly regarded for his

                            teaching skills in presenting this information, and relating the material to employment

                            for persons with disability.


                            He has conducted over 2,600 workshops throughout the United States since 1993 on

                            Social Security programs, Medicaid, and Medicare related to persons with disability

                            and employment. 


                            During his career, he has been a special education teacher, special education administrator,

                            director of a state licensed post-secondary vocational program for individuals with disability,

                            director of supported employment services, and director of special employment projects.




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