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Frequently Asked Questions About

Registering for a Workshop

1. What are the times of the workshop?


Unless noted below the date and location, registration begins at 8:30 AM.  The workshop begins at 9:00 AM. 

We break for lunch at Noon, for one hour.  The workshop concludes at 4:00 PM.


2. Why should I pay a fee for this workshop when other workshops are free?


The difference about our workshops is the quality of the presentation and the trainer's ability to communicate interactively with the audience.  If you are taking the time to attend a training seminar you want to know your time will be well spent.  Many people provide this training, but they are not seasoned teachers who able to adapt the content to an audience (every audience is different) and use examples to clarify the audience's understanding.  


Michael Walling is a certified special education teacher and a previous administrator of a large vocational rehabilitation service in Pennsylvania.


He knows how benefits impact the choices people make about their future.  He has conducted over 2,300 workshops on this subject over the past 18 years and has provided personal help to countless individuals with disabilities about their benefits.


To benefit from a training seminar, you should be able to apply the information immediately in your work.  Previous audiences have been able to do exactly that.  Many professional return repeatedly to enhance their knowledge

and refine their skills.                                                                                                            Monument Valley, UT


We have offered a money back guarantee for over 15 years - that you will learn new information at

the workshop - and no one has requested a refund to date. 


3.  When is the last day to register for a workshop?


A registration deadline is posted for each workshop. If you do not register and pay for the workshop online, we highly recommend you fax in your registration to reserve a seat and then bring your payment for the workshop.  If your organization has a lengthy approval process for your registration, you may wish to fax in the registration form to hold a seat.  You can cancel the reservation if approval is not given.  You must cancel the registration by fax or e-mail prior to the workshop to avoid payment for a reserved seat.


4. Can I switch locations after I register?


Yes, provided there is space available at the desired location.  Contact us by phone or fax.


5. You offer one free registration for every three paying registrations.  Can

they attend at different locations? 


Yes. The "register three - one additional registration is free" offer is valid if the registrants attend two or more different workshops.  For example: three attending the "Benefits and Employment" and one attending "Beyond the Basics" is  covered under the offer. 


6.  Is lunch provided at a workshop?



No.  Lunch is on-your-own.  We break for one hour.


7.  What is the proper attire at the workshop?


You should dress comfortably, jeans and sneakers are fine and bring a sweater. 

Meeting rooms are notoriously difficult to maintain a proper climate.


8.  When is the registration fee expected?



Payment can be made by credit card at the time of registration.  If payment is by check or cash, the payment MUST be received by the day of the workshop.


We DO NOT accept Purchase Orders or Invoice for Payment.


If payment is not received by the day of the workshop, the registrant must guarantee payment by credit card (as a security deposit) to gain admission to the workshop.  If the organization's payment is not received within ten days of the workshop, the registrant's credit card will be processed for payment.


9. Who should we make the check payable to? 


     Benefits Training and Consulting                                                                                         Glacier National Park, MT    


10.  Can you accept payment by credit card at the workshop?


Yes.  We have the technology to perform the transaction at the workshop.


11. Do you offer Continuing Education Credits (or similar credits)?


There are a wide variety of credentialing groups, some specific to a state.  Most of these services require each of the workshops to be certified separately, thus it becomes cost-prohibitive to accomplish this and still keep the registration fee within reasonable limits.  We will provide a customer, upon request, 1) a certificate of attendance; 2) course outline and contact hours; and 3) speaker's bio.  In the past, this approach has usually been sufficient for the person to submit and receive credit from their credentialing agency.


12. Do you offer scholarships to attend a workshop?


We receive no financial support from government agencies to conduct the workshops.  Presenting workshops is our main source of income.  Therefore, we can not afford to offer scholarships and cover the costs associated with presenting a workshop.  Social Security and other sources are available to provide free workshops. 


At times, states and organizations contract with us to present workshops, we do not charge a registration fee for these events.  Registration is handled by the sponsoring state agency or organization.  We will only post these events on our workshop schedule if the sponsor has asked us to post the workshop.


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