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Knowledge is power. You can replace myths with facts. You can help people to make the right choice and improve a their quality of life. You’ll have the ability to help someone overcome fear and develop the confidence to make appropriate decisions.

I have assembled a series of webinars to provide you with this knowledge. They are the product of 29 years of experience I developed by providing direct assistance to people and in presenting this information to a vast array of audiences throughout the country.

The webinars are all internet-based and require your system to have audio output. You are able to print a handout to follow the presentation and to take notes. Webinars vary in length and provide the opportunity to pause during the presentation as you may require. The length of each webinar appears to the left of the webinar description.

You can select and view a webinar session at any time, seven days a week, any time of the day (24/7).

TIP: If you are a freshman to understanding benefit programs, you should start with Webinar 101.

Here are the steps to viewing a training session.

  1. Select the webinar session you want to view and pay the fee for the session, using PayPal secure payment method.
  2. Complete the registration.
  3. Make payment for the session by Major Credit Card or by your PayPal Account. (You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay with a major credit card.) The Paypal process is a secure payment method.
  4. Print the webinar handout, write down the password and click the URL for the webinar, you will be routed to the host site.
  5. Enter your name, email address and password and begin the webinar.
  6. After the session you can email your questions regarding the material presented and receive the information you need to complete you understanding of the topic.

Please Note: The Passwords change periodically. Contact me if you need a current password. Webinars Available

Training Sessions Available
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Webinar 101 The Basics of the Social Security Programs
2022 version
Training Session 101
Length: 85 minutes
Webinar 101 focuses on individuals from 18 years of age, up to, full retirement age. It explains: 1) How the Social Security Administration defines "disability" for an adult; 2) What is the difference between the benefit programs Social Security administers; 3) How Social Security determines which benefit a person may receive; 4) Why some people qualify for more than one benefit program; and 5) Why enrollment in a benefit program may change to a different program.
Registration Fee: $25.00
Webinar 102 How Wage Affects Title II Benefits (SSDI, CDB & DWB) and Medicare
2022 version
Training Session 102
Length: 102 minutes
Title II of the Social Security Act, provides several different benefits to an insured worker and family members of an insured worker. An insured worker may be entitled to a Social Security Disability Insurance benefit (SSDI). An adult son or daughter who is disabled or blind may be entitled a Childhood Disability Benefit (CDB). A disabled widow(er) may be entitled to a Disabled Widow(er)s Benefit (DWB). This webinar answers two important questions: 1) "How much can I earn?” and 2) “What will happen to my benefit if I work?" The webinar explains the four events that must occur for the beneficiary to terminate from SSDI, CDB, or DWB because of their countable earned income. The four events are: 1) the completion of a Trial Work Period; 2) the completion of an Extended Period of Eligibility and Reentitlement Period; 3) when the SGA Cessation month occurs; and 4) when the Benefit Termination Month occurs. If a disabled or blind Title II beneficiary is planning to work or is working, you must understand the four events to avoid potential large overpayments from occurring when the beneficiary has earned income.
Registration Fee: $30.00
Webinar 103 How Income Affects SSI and Medicaid
2022 version
Training Session 103
Length: 101 minutes
The webinar describes the adult requirements to qualify for SSI and what is required maintain eligibility for SSI and the associated Medicaid benefit. This webinar will answer the question: "How much can I earn and continue to be eligible for SSI and Medicaid?" (Hint: To remain eligible for SSI and Medicaid, the person’s annual earned income does not exceed a threshold of, at least, $33,000 throughout the 50 states. Each state has a different threshold amount, the highest is currently $82,847 in Alaska). During this webinar the following will be explained: 1) Types of income that affect the SSI payment; 2) How the SSI benefit payment is determined; 3) The Section 1619(a) Special Payment provision; 4) Qualifications for Section 1619(b) status to protect Medicaid eligibility; and 5) The threshold level of earned income to maintain eligibility for SSI and Medicaid. You must understand this process if an SSI recipient is planning to work or is working. The SSI retrospective payment process requires SSI recipients to properly budget their total income to meet basic monthly living expenses.
Registration Fee: $30.00
#104 The Work Incentives Available in the Title II Program
2016 version - will be updated soon
Training Session 104
Length: 55 minutes
The session describes the two work incentives available to Title II beneficiaries to reduce the amount of wage Social Security counts. The session explains WHEN to use Impairment-related Work Expenses and WHEN to claim Subsidy / Special Work Conditions. Further, the session explains HOW to claim these work incentives to prevent Social Security from finding the beneficiary is in benefit overpayment. Most Title II beneficiaries do not need to limit their wage to maintain their cash benefit and Medicare, if these work incentives are properly used. They can reduce or eliminate a current overpayment.
Registration Fee: $25.00
#105 The Work Incentives Available in the SSI Program
2016 version - will be updated soon
Training Session 105
Length: 78 minutes
The session describes the four work incentives available to SSI recipients to reduce the amount of income Social Security counts. The work incentive include: 1) Student Earned Income Exclusion; 2)Impairment-related Work Expense; 3) Plan for Achieving Self-support; and 4) Blind Work Expense. The session explains WHEN to use these work incentives and HOW to claim the expense(s). Most SSI recipients can use these work incentives to achieve their employment goal and maintain eligibility for Medicaid, while reducing how much income Social Security counts.
Registration Fee: $24.00


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